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    May is National Walking month

    National Walking Month What better month to have as a National Walking Month than May.  With the increase in warmth, light and colour being perfect to promote its benefits and to get everyone walking, no matter what your level of fitness is. Exercise in general …

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  • Discs Dont Slip

    Discs don’t slip

    Discs don’t slip Through our clinics we see numerous patients each week that report they have had “slipped discs”, or can no longer do something because of their “slipped disc”. Or more worryingly that they have been told by another healthcare professional that they have a …

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    Chiropractic, treating animals and owners

    We all get adjusted and checked by our chiropractors on a regular basis, but did you know that chiropractic is also beneficial for animals, both large and small? At Espina chiropractic clinic we routinely see patients who have sustained injuries as a result of walking …

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    April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

    This month is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month with the aim of raising awareness of both the symptoms and the free screening available to the over 60’s. In the UK, Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer with 94% of cases being seen in men …

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    Music as therapy, listen up.

    What is music therapy? Everybody enjoys music whether it be classical, jazz or pop but how can it be used as therapy? Music can be a powerful tool to overcome people’s disabilities, mental illness and trauma by enabling non-verbal communication, facilitating interaction, confidence and self …

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  • Chiropractor Driving Pain

    Driving with back pain, it’s time to act!

    Lower back pain is very common and for many, driving long distances aggravates the problem.  Cars are generally designed for the average person and of course we are all different.  We are not designed to spend long periods of time sitting.  Whilst driving we are …

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    New Year Resolutions, how to succeed!

    We all ate too much over the Christmas and New Year period and a lot of us, I suspect, have made a New Year resolution to get fitter and healthier. It is well known that Gym memberships increase at the beginning of the year but …

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  • Chiropractor Alone Christmas

    How can we help the elderly at Christmas?

    Reach out a hand to those alone at Christmas Over half a million elderly people will spend Christmas alone. Isolation and loneliness is common throughout the year for those who are single, separated or widowed, but especially at Christmas which is renowned for being a …

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  • Pain Free Xmas Shopping

    Christmas Shopping Pain-Free….

    How to do your Christmas shopping pain free With December finally upon us, Christmas shopping is part and parcel of the seasonal highlights! For some of us though, this extra standing, lifting and carrying bags can exacerbate neck and back aches and pains. The following …

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  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) At this time of year when the clocks have gone back, day light hours reduced, and leaves start to fall it is thought that 1:3 people will start to feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, women are 40% more likely …

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